What is AcroYoga?

Acroyoga is a form of partner yoga which combines Yoga with Acrobatics. There are three important positions that are practiced during each and every session. These three important positions are the Base, Flyers and Spotters. This will add a new dimension and challenge to your yoga experience. AcroYoga encourages fun and playful interactions as well as cooperation and trust. It is a great outlet to foster human connections and create an Acro community!

The Boise Aerial AcroYoga community is about connecting and meeting new people and having fun while doing it! The AcroYoga classes and events that we facilitate involve working with other people in some way or fashion, which creates a very social component to the practice. We will learn to work together with obtaining our new found skills.

BENEFITS: Beginner-Friendly, Team Oriented, Builds Relationships, Improves Circulation, Engages Core, Quick Decision Making, Improves Body Connection & Awareness, Overcome Fears, Allows You To Surrender, Playful, Fun, Engaging

Are you looking for a new way to be active, socialize and get more physical on a different level with your partner?

AcroYoga, could be, just what you have been looking for! AcroYoga is great for deepening your connection, while building trust and communication, as you listen in new and different ways with your loved one.

Join Iridessa and Brandon while they guide you safely and informatively through your AcroYoga practice! If you are new to this Yoga Art Form, we will be covering the very basics. If you are familiar or seasoned, this is a great opportunity to deepen and refine your skills.

Come and learn to Base, Fly and Spot with us, in this pure hour of invigorating fun! You can look forward to increasing your body awareness, communication skills and strength and flexibility. We will dive in and explore some of the amazing physical shapes that can be formed during this very social practice.

Immerse yourself in our fun loving AcroYoga Class and discover new ways to be playful and intimate with your partner!