What is Aerial Yoga Hammock?

Aerial yoga is a type of yoga which uses a hammock or yoga swing to allow students to perform postures that they would not be able to do in a mat based yoga class. The hammock fabric hangs from the ceiling and provides additional support for more challenging postures such as back bends and hand stands. The hammock makes it possible to do inversions which can be very rewarding as you experience the joy of knowing that you can do something new and exciting.

The hammock fabric is made out of high-density Denier Nylon Tricot that is durable yet soft and fluid and can support over 2,000 pounds.

BENEFITS: Beginner-Friendly, Spine Compression Relief, Reduces Nerve Pressure, Improves Flexibility, Rehydrates Discs, Mental Focus & Concentration, Strengthens Core & Upper Body, Relieves Stress, Spine Realignment, Relaxes Tense Muscles


What is Yoga Trapeze®?

The Yoga Trapeze® is a is a suspension yoga system that allows you to hang from it in various ways. It also acts as a very unique tool for yoga posturing and muscle strengthening techniques. This swing-like contraption aids you to go very deep into poses and the pulling motion makes it very functional for fitness. This passive inversion apparatus provides an avenue for a technical and mindful practice.

A yoga practice that integrates the Yoga Trapeze®, even if just once or twice per week, can include pushing, pulling, holding, twists, backbends, forward bends, hip opening and so much more. You can work your shoulders, calm your nerves, and leave class floating on air.

The Yoga Trapeze® is made from the same material as a parachute. The seams are quad-stitched and rock solid, the hooks are pure steel. The Yoga Trapeze® is weight tested it to 450 pounds and is a safe and effective practice.

BENEFITS: Beginner-Friendly, Spinal Traction, Back Pain Relief, Improves Grip, Core & Upper Body Strength, Balance & Stamina, Deeper Backbends, Shoulder Tension Release