What is Pole Dancing?

Pole dancing is a performance sport that combines both dance and acrobatics on a vertical metal pole. It is a great mental and physical exertion that requires the strength and endurance needed to lift, hold, pose, contort and spin the body to demonstrate all the pole techniques that are possible. It has been gaining popularity as a exercise regimen for both men and women for strength training, toning and for a full-body workout. The combination of athleticism and artistry makes it incomparable to any other form of dance or sport. Pole dancing has been recognized as a sport thanks to the Global Association of International Sports Federation. Which one day could become a part of the Olympics. Pole dancing is an art form and this unique dance technique can be very therapeutic and empowering for participants. The feeling you get when you master a move or are able to express particular emotions are indescribable.

With taking pole lessons at Boise Aerial & Fitness, get ready for an all over body experience. We have found that pole dancing is an art form that is in and of itself. Discover the liberating feeling of this tool and what it means to you. This is an empowering form of movement that will spin you off in a whole new artistic endeavor! It is a ground breaking prop that can unlock different parts of yourself. Come and experience the femininity and free flowing nature of pole dancing in the air and see what it can do for you! Our pole dance fitness classes just might become your new favorite way to exercise and express yourself.

BENEFITS: Beginner-Friendly, Builds Muscles & Flexibility, Teaches Dance Technique, Improves Body Image & Confidence, Emotionally Healing, Builds Strong Friendships, Core & Cardio Workout, Builds Strength & Definition, Healthy Metabolism, Increases Endurance & Stamina, Relieves Stress & Depression, Bone & Joint Health, Greater Balance & Kinesthetic Awareness