Iridessa Blossoms is a great teacher. I have taken several of her classes and they are always fun and just the right amount of challenging. Iridessa is positive, upbeat, has well structured classes, and excels at monitoring her students and providing them the guidance they need to get a move, a dance step, or just feel better about what they are doing. Take her classes! They will make you happy!

Red Velvet

Best facility and instructors in Idaho

Tannya Blackwood

This is a beautiful studio full of fun and caring people

Nicholas Good

This place has now become my second home! Amazing people too.

Rapha Moreira

I have been a runner for nearly 25 years, and I love it! However, as a result, I deal with chronic lower back, glute and hamstring issues. I have been in and out of physical therapy over the past decade, namely to address piriformis syndrome and IT band problems.

With a friend's coaxing, I signed up for Iridessa's Twerkin' Hip Hop class. My expectations were nothing more than having some fun and getting out of my comfort zone. I discovered something much more valuable: the choreography perfectly targets my problem areas, releases tightness, increases flexibility, and (the best part!) - reduces pain. Running is an activity that requires my hips and glutes to move in the same direction over and over, and this repetitive motion takes its toll. For me, the overuse is counteracted more effectively in Iridessa's class than my yoga or PT-assigned exercises. My hips learn to move in all kinds of new directions. And then there's the jiggle factor -- it loosens up even tightest post-long-run body parts.

What's more, it's tons of fun! Iridessa is crazy talented, but her teaching style is unintimidating and relaxed. I have absolutely no background in dance, nor am I naturally coordinated - and I am having a ball. I am gunning for my 16th marathon this spring and look forward to Twerkin' Hip Hop as part of my training plan. I encourage any runner, cyclist or triathlete dealing with tightness or pain to try it - you're gonna like it!

Ann Braley Smith

I was looking for a way to de-stress, get a good workout & have fun. I've tried "dance fitness" classes in the past but usually couldn't keep up. At 55, I have joint issues & osteoarthritis. On a whim, my friend and I decided to try Iridessa's twerk'n hip hop class. I was immediately hooked! Iridessa is so patient & sweet. She is able to break things down so that everyone can get something out of the class. The atmosphere is non judgmental, supportive & encouraging. After a couple months, my Physical Therapist even remarked that my back & neck are moving better. I have less stiffness and greater mobility. I love the fact that Iridessa's classes & workshops are accessible to women of all ages, sizes and abilities - from teens to seniors!

Edna Rey-Vizgirdas

I'm a huge fan of Iridessa's twerk and belly dance classes! She breaks down the movements so that even beginning dancers can learn them, but she also provides challenges for more advanced dancers who want to work on technique. There's something for everyone! Plus, in each class we get to try out what we've learned in a fun, sexy piece of choreography to great music. Iridessa creates a playful and relaxed atmosphere in her classes and encourages her students to take joy in moving their bodies. It has been a great way for me to appreciate my body for all it can do, rather than judging myself for how it looks. Regardless of your size, shape, or fitness level, Iridessa's classes are the perfect place to let go of your inhibitions and get your sexy on!

Andrea G.

I LOVE this studio and the classes they offer. By far, the BEST studio in the Treasure Valley if you want to learn Aerial Arts and stay fit. Unique classes offered (for any age group or ability) It was so fun, that my teenage daughter and her friends decided to take classes geared towards "circus tricks" like aerial hoop & silks, etc. (and they are a hard group of girls to please. haha)

Tannya C.

The Barre classes are awesome! The owner (Iridessa) has been so welcoming and kind, and creates a fun and supportive fitness environment. She also has given me a sample of the other classes she teaches- aerial hammock, trapeze, and POUND! I plan on attending as many classes as I can as they are all so fun. It's also very reasonable prices for the kind of classes! Definitely an amazing studio!

Paige W.

The osteoarthritis in my knees has been my biggest struggle with physical exercise. Iridessa's barre class actually helped my muscles, especially the ones that my Physical Therapists tell me that I need to focus on. Her class perfectly targeted my glutes and abductors. Her barre workout is much more holistic than a typical yoga class. I really enjoy Iridessa's personality, skills and teaching style. Her niche is unique with the all of the aerial class options and the different classes that she can teach at Boise Aerial & Fitness. It's a great combo, everything that is offered in her beautiful and unique space that is available for the boise community to enjoy!

Edna R.

Boise Aerial & Fitness was the first studio here, in Boise, that I felt truly welcome at. I have always felt at home in the community and always look forward to my next time at the studio. If anyone reading this is thinking about trying a class or coming to the studio, I promise it will be an unique experience you won't forget.

Julia Adele

My daughter has had an AMAZING experience at Boise Aerial & Fitness! Last night she said that her dream birthday would be to go there with a friend and have classes with Iridessa for the entire day!! Iridessa is incredibly talented and kind as an instructor, and my daughter gets a great workout that is both challenging and fun.

Katy Young

At Boise Aerial & Fitness, students will immediately feel at home when they walk through the doors! Classes are a semi-private experience with tailored teaching based on each individual student's skill and comfort levels. Iridessa brings a wealth of knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm, and a kind heart to each class. Safety and rigging is top-notch, and everything is kept sparkling clean. Anyone interested in learning the unique art of aerial dance is sure to find a place to grow confidently here!

Laura Veals DVM

Iridessa is a great teacher! She is fun and motivating. I always enjoy her classes! The studio is amazing and very open and colorful! Can't wait to come back!

Crystle Lynn

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