Welcome to our Indoor Aerial Oasis!

You do not have to run away and join the circus or be a spectator in the crowd in order to be able to participate in aerial activities. Circus Aerial Arts are not just solely for professional performing artists and the circus anymore.

You can come and play and exercise on all of the aerial equipment that we have to offer! That's right, this type of fitness training and these exercise classes are available to all ages, shapes, sizes and ability levels. It is all offered right here in Boise, Idaho at Boise Aerial & Fitness! You can enjoy the circus with your own hands on experience by feeling the exhilaration it ignites in your being and also shaping your physique in the meantime. All the while working out the core, your entire body and building strength and having fun!


  • Aerial Hammock
  • Aerial Hoop - Lyra
  • Aerial Silks
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Aerial Trapeze
  • Trapfit


What is Aerial Hammock?

Aerial Hammock Dancing is also known as an Aerial Sling or an Aerial Loop. Artists can perform aerial feats in the air while displaying a wide variety of acrobatic shapes and dance moves. This is done on a long piece of fabric hanging from the ceiling in the form of a swing or loop, technically classified as Hammock Silks. It is also in the same family of Circus Arts and Aerial Acrobatics as the other modalities listed below.


What is Lyra - Aerial Hoop?

Lyra is also known as the Aerial Hoop. It is an aerial ring, a circular steel or aluminum apparatus that resembles a hula hoop that is suspended in the air from the ceiling.

It is most common to see Circus Artists performing aerial acrobatics in a static, spinning or swinging manner.


What is Aerial Silks?

Aerial Silks is an Aerial Art Form in which one or more artists perform a sequence of aerial acrobatic moves while suspended in the air on fabrics. The fabric is hung as two pieces and is the only form of support. It is also known as Aerial Fabric, Aerial Tissue or Aerial Ribbon.