Low Flying Aerial Trapeze Fitness Class

What is TRAPFIT™?

TRAPFIT™ (n): Low Flying Aerial Trapeze Fitness Class

Exercise meets circus skills! How often have you found yourself daydreaming about swinging on a trapeze? TRAPFIT™ is a fusion of aerial arts and fitness combined with upper and lower body strengthening. Come join in on the fun and experience Hollywood's fitness phenomenon right here in Boise Idaho! TRAPFIT™ is all about, leaving the class feeling empowered, alive and ready to take on the world.

Get ready to run away and join the fitness circus during this intermediate interval training course! This workout uses low-flying custom made professional level trapezes for cardio, deep core and full body strengthening. We will warm up our bodies with a structured format that includes movement and stretching. You will learn a series of up upper and lower body conditioning exercises followed by combinations created to increase strength, balance and stamina. There will be some play time and a chance to combine what you have learned into a mini performance if you so choose or enjoy some open studio time instead. Class will end with a cool down and a final bow.

BENEFITS: Fun, Growth & Fitness, Builds Bonds & Camaraderie, Builds Trust, Positive Reinforcement, Builds Strength & Agility, Ignites Play, Progressive Exercise, Full Body Workout, Increases Confidence, Positively Uplifting